Your virtual tour of Jamaica – photos of scenes in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Mammee Bay and the countryside, as well as historic sites and works of artists and craftspersons. (Click on each image.)

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Ocho Rios panorama

Scenes in the countryside

Historic sites

Kingston panorama

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Take home Jamaican artists' and craft persons' original works at very attractive prices. Their shop is located opposite the roadway entrances to Jewel and Riu hotels on the Mo-Bay to Kingston highway, 3 kilometers east of St. Anns Bay. A traffic light marks their shop location. (Note: Click on any of the pictures above and below and it will expand to give you a more close-up view . After reviewing each photo, return to this screen by closing the window that contains the close-up image.)


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Jamaican arts and crafts

Kingston panorama

Jamaican countryside

Jamaican historic sites

Mammee Bay scenes

Ocho Rios scenes

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How would you like to take home, as gifts or as items to adorn your home, some small drawings and paintings, or wood carvings, or wooden utensils, or straw baskets? Would you like the prices to be far below what those items would cost you in an in-town or airport craft store? Well, they are! The artists' items are displayed at a small shop. The last photos on this page will help you to identify the shop as you get close to it.

Below are photos of wooden sculptures that represent aspects of Jamaican culture and artifacts, some of which can serve as containers. These are specialties of Jamaican crafts persons.

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Pointers to their location

Click on the images below to get a close-up view of the approach to their shop. Zoom is not available on the photo at bottom right.

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