Your virtual tour of Jamaica – photos of scenes in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Mammee Bay and the countryside, as well as historic sites and works of artists and craftspersons. (Click on each image.)

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Works of artists and craftspersons

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Kingston panorama


Below you will see the initial photos for what is planned to be an extensive collection of photos of historic sites in Jamaica. This is a young country and so “historic” is less impressive than it would be in countries that are thousands of years old. However, these sites may be of interest as reflections of different aspects of Jamaica during “much earlier days”.

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Jamaican arts and crafts

Kingston panorama

Jamaican countryside

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This church and the Great House (headquarters for a plantation) go back to the days of slavery.


The building on the left was the court house when Spanish Town was the capital of Jamaica. On the right is the Black River Anglican church, several hundred years old.


To the left is a good contrast between the old and new methods for conveying small volumes of products -- see the foot-propelled cart in the foreground. This photo comes from Port Antonio, where several elements of the "old Jamaica" are viewable. To the right are some Port Antonio shops, showing a building design that goes back to the early 1900s.