Your virtual tour of Jamaica – photos of scenes in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Mammee Bay and the countryside, as well as historic sites and works of artists and craftspersons. (Click on each image.)

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Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat"

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Below you will see scenes pertaining to Mammee Bay, which is close to the north coast highway about 5 kilometers from Jamaica’s “Fun Capital” (Ocho Rios), and where you will find Riviera_Villa. Its entrance road is adjacent to that of the Riu International Hotel, and it is a 1.5 hour drive from the Montego Bay aiport.

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At the left above you are just two minutes from the entrance to Mammee Bay, at center you have passed the main gate and are headed north on the beach road, at right you have turned westward and are going parallel to the beach.

approachRivgates BambooBlue2v2s

Still on the beach road, you approach the Riviera_Villa's gate, and just two minutes' walk from there you reach the entry to the beach club ("Bamboo Blu"). At centyer, you are seeing Bamboo Blu from the road, and at right you get an aerial view.

BambooBlu1v2s MammeeBayWalkv2s

Bamboo Blu is a serious health spa where you can also dine, and at center you see the announcement of pilates and stretching exercise classes. When you want to just 'go walking' you have ample 'laid-back' roadways (little traffic) to enhance your fun.

PortalOfMamBayHomes MammeeBayRoad1s

You have three very low-traffic roadways for leisurely walking and jogging inside Mammee Bay, and you will pass some impressive homes as you jog. If the hard road surface is bad for your knees, you will love walking over the lawn at Riviera_Villa where matted grass cushions your feet, and it is like walking on a firm mattress.