Your virtual tour of Jamaica – photos of scenes in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Mammee Bay and the countryside, as well as historic sites and works of artists and craftspersons. (Click on each image.)

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Mammee Bay panorama

Scenes in the countryside

Kingston panorama

Historic sites

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Ocho Rios and Negril are the most well known centers for tourist “fun” in Jamaica. Negril is famous for extra long white-sand beaches and “freer living” tourism, while Ocho Rios (“Ochy”) is often called the “fun capital of Jamaica”. There is a large number of “places to see and things to do” within much less than a one-hour drive from Ochy. The photos below give you a virtual tour of Ochy scenes.

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Jamaican arts and crafts

Kingston panorama

Jamaican countryside

Jamaican historic sites

Mammee Bay scenes

• Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat"

• Ocho Rios scenes

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On the left you are coming into Ocho Rios from the west (e.g., from Montego Bay), and on the right your are now approaching the town centre on Main Street.

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To the left is a major centre-town intersection, and to your right you are just outside the farmer's market.


You approach the very old (now unused) town clock to your left above, and you are inside the farmer's market to the right. The latter is patronized very largely by local folk.


Here are two of the brilliant views you get by going up into the hills just outside Ocho Rios. Click on each thumbnail to get a close-up view.