Riviera property in Mammee Bay Estate on Jamaica's north coast, an affordable base for your wedding reception or anniversary festivities, where the scenery for photos will stimulate fond memories in future years. (Click on each image below for a larger view.)


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"Here's wishing you pleasant dreams"

Enjoy that special privacy you need at Riviera Villa. There are three bedrooms, each one with its own ensuite bath, thick walls, and air conditioner to bring you sleeping comfort. Revel in the sensuousness of tropical breezes that caress you and titillate you with soft floral aromas from a variety of flowers and fruit trees in season. Every room has a window that looks out over a part of the landscaped grounds and towards the beach road.

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A queen-sized bed enhances the ambience of the master bedroom, located in the north-east corner. From each of the two north-side bedrooms, you will get a clear view large parts of the garden, the pool deck and one side of the pool hedge. The south-side bedroom has two facing windows. The one on its north wall gives you a partial view of the garden.


Each of the three bedrooms is separately air-conditioned to help you get good sleep. The frequently present North-East trade winds and Riviera's location close to the sea mean that breezes are often blowing through the building. Even on days when the temperatures are very high, there is often a pleasant breeze going through the villa. Beyond the summer months, the daily high temperature will ususally be in the low 80s (Far.), and in the winter months maximum temperatures in the 70s (Far.) are quite common.

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