Riviera property in Mammee Bay Estate on Jamaica's north coast, an affordable base for your wedding reception or anniversary festivities, where the scenery for photos will stimulate fond memories in future years. (Click on each image below for a larger view.)


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1.5 acre landscaped


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Bon appétit at "RIVIERA_VILLA"!

Food selection and preparation comprise one way in which a villa is really like a home away from home. In villa living you purchase your food at the market, or you have someone do that according to your instructions as to what you want to buy, and you can have the food prepared according to your instructions.

Shopping for staples and other consumables is normally done at 'supermarkets' (actually over-sized grocery stores by North American standards) and the vegetable market in St. Ann's Bay. We have an arrangement with Hews Supermarket (St. Ann's Bay), from which your initial food order is supplied on credit directly to RIVIERA_VILLA prior to your arrival.

You may wish to arrange with the on-site manager to have all your shopping for food done for you, so that no part of your vacation needs to be devoted to this activity. Please arrange to tip the manager for this special service.

If you like doing your own food shopping, take note that Friday is market day in St. Ann's Bay. Consider going along with the staff, so that you will experience participating in the bargaining to obtain local fruits and vegetables. Be prepared for a dense crowd of rural people. Your manager will help you interpret language and bargain on prices. It's fun!