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Riviera's location



Keeping fit

1.5 acre landscaped


Private pool

Beach nearby


Indoor activities

Bedroom privacy







• Riviera Villa and the surrounding property on which it stands have since Spring 2017 been established as a centre for special events, instead of being a vacation villa. Weddings, staff retreats, and a birthday party have been held at Riviera property.

There are two buildings on the property. Your party will take over the main building and no other people will be allowed to use it while your wedding party is there. There is also a small cottage located close to the villa.

We ask you to visit the site well in advance of your planned event date, so as to decide how to dress up the site for your event, and what supporting services you will need to stage that event.

If your event needs to be relocated inside the villa due to unexpected rain, a maximum of 40 people can be seated there for a sit-down meal. If you are prepared for everyone to stay outside under tents in case of rain, the property can easily handle more than 100 people, except, for the washroom facilities, which would have to be discussed.



• Our charge for your use of the property to stage your special event includes a basic fee plus additional negotiated amounts that depend entirely on the services that you need to have supplied by our staff.

• Regarding overnight sleeping at the villa by persons who attend a special event, there is a separate charge which varies depending on the number of people who will be sleeping there, the number of nights, their approximate arrival and departure times, and the services that they will need (for example, will they need to have meals prepared).



• Mammee Bay Estate, including its roads, is a private condominium development. The two entrances to Mammee Bay Estate that automobiles can use are manned by security personnel. In addition, there is a mobile security vehicle that goes around all of Mammee Bay every night and day.

• The villa property is fully fenced and the gate is normally locked at night. We usually also arrange for a security person to be at the villa gate checking the arrivals to make sure they are no "crashers". This has been a successful feature of all of our events so far.

• In order to help with security outside the villa property, the Mammee Bay Estate Board of Directors asks owners to submit a short form to the Estate office abut a month before the designated event day. This allows the Estate Security to strengthen their surveillance operations during your special event.

• The security guard at the main gate, as well as the security person at the villa gate, will need to know the name of the driver of each vehicle coming to the event.

• These arrangements are designed to promote peace of mind for the event participants.


Beach access

• Your wedding party might like to be on the beach for the short while needed for formal wedding vows, etc., or for special beach-front photos after the formal wedding vows have been exchanged . Unless it is a day when there are buses coming in from the ships to the restaurant, we will very likely be able to negotiate and secure cooperation from the Beach Club manager for you to have photos taken on the beach. (However, they expect no more that 6 to 10 people coming on to the beach for such an event -- i.e., to take photos.) This has already happened at one of our weddings.

• There is a common beach area known as the “Beach Club”, which is jointly owned by all the Mammee be owners. However, it is under long-term lease to one of the community leaders who, under the lease terms, has 100% control over policy about activities at the beach. On the Beach Club grounds he has constructed a restaurant and a wide array of related facilities, now known as “Bamboo Blu”. Bamboo Blu can be reserved for at least a half a day to be the venue for a wedding ceremony and reception. The last time we checked they were asking US$5000 to provide that facility.

• The Beach Club’s gate is a two-minute walk from the Riviera property gate.

• If members of your party wish to go Bamboo Blu to purchase food or drinks at the restaurant, just let Customer Services manager know who wishes to stay at the restaurant to purchase food or drinks when you get down there. The total number eating at the restaurant is limited only by the space that is available, so more than 10 people can go to eat there.

• In case the Beach Club is not available for photos on your wedding day, there are two villas on the seaside where we know the owners, and  will contact them to see if they will be willing to have your party go on their lawns for photos. Neither lawn is right on the beach; but there have smashing ocean views in the background. At one of the villas (Seven Seas) the party could go down some steps and be on the beach.  



• The roadway inside Mammee Bay Estate is private property and thus it is not like a street in your nearby town. Unsupervised parking on the roadway by people who wish to attend an event is not allowed.. (“Supervised parking” would mean that a security service has been hired to watch and patrol in the area where cars are left, with the permission of the Board.)

However, as your event ends, cars parked inside the villa grounds can be moved out onto the street for a few minutes to allow persons to take their cars out of of the villa grounds. The Board asks, however, that the cars be parked on the road edge and not on the verge.

Within the Villa grounds we can park about 15 or so cars in a tight fit. Another five cars could be parked in the grounds of one of our friendly neighbours, Paula Wright, with her permission.

Therefore, you should plan to have a maximum of about 20 cars coming to the event.


Dressing up the property?

• The wedding planner is expected to obtain all of the facilities needed to “ dress up the property for the event”, and provide her own service team. However, we can supply experienced people for dressing up the property, cake baking ( we would prefer that major catering be done off-site and food brought onto the site by the caterer), as well as serving the guests during the event.


Catering and serving at the wedding

• As noted above, major food preparation on the property would be a problem in terms of wear and tear on our facilities. However, we do provide facilities for warming, and for storing items to be cooled in a small freezer..

•   You may provide your own personal to serve the event participants with food, etc. However, at least two persons from our staff are available as experienced servers to guests at an event.


What to do in case of rain?

• The issue of rain falling all of a sudden has been noted above. I bring it up again here to urge you to plan for the necessity to quickly move various things off the grounds and under the cover of the building roof because of rain; unless you have supplied tents. So, please ensure that your team will be 'ready to go' if the activities need to be moved indoors suddenly.


Swimming pool

• Our insurance adviser requires that the pool gate be locked throughout the event. You are free to sprinkle balloons on the water. We also have Christmas lights that could be strung at the pool edge, and illuminated after dark.

Once the event is completed, the pool can be opened for those staying overnight.



• Will there be an after-reception dance or party at the villa? Please be sure to advise in advance whether you plan to have dancing, and to discuss special equipment you may need.



Preparing the site for your event entails getting help from the pertinent special-event planners and managers. They will help to procure and organize the delivery of the human services and materials that you require in the effort to achieve a successful event. These persons should contact Paula Tapper-Gordon Wright (paulatapperg[at], who is our local special-event expert and will co-ordinate access to the site.

Other experts in special-event planning who are supporting our project include wedding planners Kimesha Stewart (Intimate Weddings Ja: ), Vanessa Lofters (Wedding Dynamite: ), and ( <<t.b.a>> ).

Other contact:


Riviera property in Mammee Bay Estate on Jamaica's north coast, an affordable base for your wedding reception, anniversary festivities, reunion, or staff retreat, where the scenery for photos will stimulate fond memories in future years. "A stone's throw from Kingston."