Riviera property in Mammee Bay Estate on Jamaica's north coast, an affordable base for your wedding reception or anniversary festivities, where the scenery for photos will stimulate fond memories in future years. (Click on each image below for a larger view.)


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Riviera's location



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1.5 acre landscaped


Private pool

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Bedroom privacy




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Your private swimming pool

Revive your spirits as you make just 12 steps from the airy verandah into the pool, whose blue water often has the temperature of a warm bath late in the afternoon on a sunny day in Sping and Summer. Bask in the sun on the pool deck, or relax under a pool-deck umbrella while you enjoy reading or just meditating.

The pool is about 9 metres (over 27 feet) wide by 10 meters long. At its deepest point it is 7 feet deep. At the shallowest, it is 3 feet deep. Non-swimmers have an approximate 9-meter-by-2-meter area in which they can wade before the water becomes two meters deep.

And private it is! The pool itself is about 100 metres from the front gate, where the beach road goes by.

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