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Local Transportation

Auto rentals, including provision of local drivers, are conveniently handled by Abe Rentals and Sales, owned by our neighbors across the road from Riviera -- Robin and Ann Beckford. Robin and Ann will arrange for your transfer to and from the airport, using established drivers. The cost to your party will be cheaper than you would pay for a similar trip in North America, considering that you may have as many as six people in your party and a lot of bags. (The drive from the Montego Bay airport to Riviera Villa is about 1.5 hours long.)

The provision of a local driver allows you to avoid the chore of dealing with the local 'driving psychology' and operating on the left-hand side of the road. If you have never adjusted to the local driving habits, a local driver helps keep your blood pressure in a good range.

Even if you have rented a car, you may need taxi service at some point. If you insist that the taxi belongs to a recognized fleet of taxis, then I recommend the JUTA company. JUTA taxis are usually parked at any of the local hotels. Call the hotel front desk for access to a taxi driver. Be prepared to pay premium rates for that service -- e.g. $40-plus US dollars to be picked up, taken to Ocho Rios, and returned to Riviera without much waiting by the taxi (for example, just enough waiting for you to go to the bank and do a small bit of food shopping).

For somewhat lower rates, the on-site manager can summon local taxi persons that have provided us with services over several years.

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