Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat" — Riviera_Villa in Mammee Bay — go there to take home samples and detailed information about Jamaica’s huge reservoir of medicinal teas and plants.


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How Mamme Bay "Wellness Retreat" can be helpful in your search for a better life.


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Among the many definitions of "wellness" two seem dominant . Up to the late 1970s the dominant definition referred to good health and/or absence of disease. Today this definition may have been overtaken in popularity by the concept adopted by the National Wellness Institute (NWI). Their literature asserts that there is now a growing consensus that wellness involves: conscious effort to improve personal well-being, which is seen as having physical and mental aspects, and involves the pursuit of positive aspects of social engagement and self-image. The formal definition adopted by the NWI stresses a process of active pursuit of "a more successful existence".


A learned physician and friend with decades of experience in helping people defines wellness as "a state of mental and physical fitness that allows a person to effectively cope as long as practically possible with life's inevitable pitfalls as well as to reduce the probability of being seriously impacted by threats to good health." Notice the implied focus on coping skills and anticipatory knowledge designed to enhance well-being.. Correction of or adjustment to health deficits or breakdown are among the important dimensions of coping; but are not the major focus of concern with wellness for persons who not are dominated by the need to find that correction.


Most important is active pursuit of wellness goals, and finding satisfaction with progress towards those goals. My physician friend reminds us that there are some attainable goals, and that for many it is enough to work on maintaining one's achievements. This means that wellness applies across a wide range of health statuses, and that in some statuses modest achievement of goals is good enough. In short, wellness is about improving the quality of your life within your resources. It involves mind, spirit, mental fitness, social engagement, and physical health.

RosesAtPools WhiteCranesOnLawn2s

These flowering plants are at your doorstep, beside the berandah at the Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat". Seek peace of mind as you gaze at nature's beauty.

Its so calming to watch the birds! From the seaside bedroom windows you often see white and blue cranes walking on the lawn. (Click on the image to see a close-up view.)

Meditate as you sit under the tree and watch birds fly in for their afternoon treats, at the back yard of the Wellness Retreat. (Click on the image to see a close-up view.).


You can take home some dried teas in nicely labeled packages, along with related written information based as much as possible on university-based research.

Some of our "Tea Expo" events will be attended by resource persons who will bew happy to answer your questions. They will include physicians and other experts on Jamaican teas and other medicinal plants.

The photos that you see below are based on our February 19 "Tea Expo".


You can support your search for improved wellness by taking home helpful information found at the "Wellness Retreat" about Jamaica's wellness-related resources, and how they can be used to help you in the effort to improve the quality of your life.

Our efforts in this area comprise a work in progress; but we now offer "Tea Expo" events organized by Vyvette Edwards and her team of home economics specialists. At our tea expo, you will have a chance to sample many teas and walk around the property and see various Jamaican tea plants growing.


Jamaica is becoming a key destination for wellness-related travel; because of the many relevant resources that it provides. Among them is a wide array of wellness-enhancing teas and other plant-based products that are helpful in the pursuit of wellness. A large proportion of the world's so-called "medicinal teas" are based on plants grown in Jamaica year-round.

At the "Mammee Bay Wellness Retreat" (Riviera_Villa in Mammee Bay) you can sample many of these teas, as well as examine the related plants growing on the property.

TeaCabinets MuralAtRivieras

The local "Tea Hut" at Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat". Inside the cabinet are many kinds of Jamaican tea, all sealed inside air-tight bottles.

A scene from a "Tea Expo" at Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat". Participants sample teas and can take home labeled packets of tea. These are inside the blue-top containers.

The "Tea Expo" at Mammee Bay "Wellness Retreat" included a short video-supported information session. In the foreground you see the video screen, and in the background you see a mural that is more than 50 years old. (Click on the image to see a close-up view.).


Just 10 minutes' drive from the "Wellness Retreat" is 'healing' spring water -- a shallow pond where sulphuric water bubbles up from undergound. Flames will burst forth if you put a match at the surface of the water.. (Click on the image for a close-up view.)